Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The weather has been perfect lately and it's making me miss my fav place. I didn't want to waste a sunny day, so me and my getaway buddy headed to a lake near home. Hard to believe I been living near this lake but this was my first time coming here. As soon as we arrived I immediately thought of Waimea's a trail in Oahu that leads to a waterfall, with lots of wildlife around.

Top-Loehmans, shorts-Hollister, Fedora-UO, sunglasses-Gucci, Sandals-Bebe

I remember in Waimea valley I was to scared to take a picture with a peacock, but Marlowe wasn't so he ended up being so close to it...I always ask him "what if it attacked you?"

If only the Bay Area had turquoise blue water and 80 degree weather all year round it would be the perfect place...

After visiting the Lake...Lowe and I craved for Sushi.
We headed to Ray's, which happens to be my fav sushi place in the east bay. And we ran into two of our good friends, Ems and Charley.
It ended up being a double date, which we all enjoyed!

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