Sunday, March 8, 2009

where the yellow flowers are...

Saturday is officially my adventure day. The weather was perfect and I regretted not wearing shorts or a dress because the weather was very warm...just how I like it. The whole point of going there was to look for phone cases but Marlowe and I ended up not getting them and instead went a little shopping at Marc Jacobs, drove to Hayes for Huf, one of his fav store...he happens to be a shoe whore. And ate lunch at a great hole in the wall restaurant at Union Square, Katana-Ya.

cardigan-Laundry by Shelli Segal, black Blouse- Marc Jacobs, Jeans- F21, Shoes-L.A.M.B., Bag- Gucci, sunglasses- Gucci, Beanie- F21

I felt a little Nicole Richie with my big sunglasses and beanie. I love her style!

This park was beautiful...the weather really made the green grass stood out and the sky was amazingly blue...I wish everyday was like this.

I saw these little art on the ground that someone was selling around Hayes St.

Katana-Ya's Miso Ramen, Tonkatsu don, Udon, and California Roll.

The last time I had ramen was in Hawaii and I'm glad I found this place so when I crave for some I know exactly where to go.

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  1. Your ramen looks sooo good! I get what you mean when you said yours was wayy better than Lowe's haha.