Monday, March 30, 2009

I want ice cream!

Saturday was so sunny and nice...and I was craving for ice cream. I just recently tried Bi-rite ice cream and I instantly fell in love with their roasted banana ice cream. And I raved and told Marlowe how good it was, and I know he just had to try it. So we headed to the other side of the bridge and started the day with brunch at Beretta, it's a cute restaurant in Valencia.

I ordered the meatballs in spicy sauce...and i enjoyed it.

Lowe decided to be adventurous and had Pizza carbonara with pancetta, eggs & mozzarella.
I had to help him with this one because he happens to not like eggs LoL ( I don't know why he ordered this).

Immediately after brunch we headed to Bi-rite...I was so excited! But since it was the perfect day for ice cream, I think most of San Francisco's population was there! The line was around the building and we searched for parking, never got lucky and got we headed to union square and shopped to make ourselves feel better.

top-Hinge, Shorts-Goldsign, Sandals-Marshalls, sunglasses-Gucci, Purse-LV

We had to have our ice cream we went home and stopped by Loard's.
of course I got my usual ice cream.
That made my wasn't Bi-rite but good enough.


  1. wowzers, marlowes pizza looookkksss hella good!!!

  2. That pizza! I want to try! Okay, eggs, pancetta, carbonara... sounds like Godfather's favorite, but a pizza!