Monday, March 23, 2009

I heart SF...

Last Thursday my 2 BFF's and I decided to head to the city to spend some time together and enjoy the nice weather. The City is beautiful...growing up here, I admit that I've taken it for granted. I love seeing nice places...but I never considered San Francisco as something beautiful until these days when I'm discovering more and more about it. I'm lucky to live here...can't picture myself anywhere else.

top-Matty M, shorts-hollister, tights-UO, boots-DV, purse-LV, sunglasses-LV

Our first stop was Union Square...we did a little shopping and ate Beef Panang Curry from Coriander Gourmet Thai.
Second stop was Japan town... I never get tired of this place.Every time I go here I head to May's Coffee shop and get their Taiyaki I love taiyaki! it's a fish shaped waffle like coating stuffed with either chocolate, choco-banana or red bean (my personal fav).
I also bought a Japanese Mag- ViVi. It featured a few pages of Nicole Richie so I had to buy it.
The last stop was Fillmore to get Bittersweet two friends had to have their chocolate thai iced tea!
It was such a fun filled day...I went home tired and knocked out.

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