Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home away from home…

If I had to describe Hawaii... I would say it's my home away from home. it reminds me of the Philippines and the U.S combined since there are many Filipinos, weather is warm and English is the main language. This is probably the reason why I feel so comfortable because it's a combination of the places of where i grew up and considered home.

top ten reasons why i love Hawaii...

1. Beaches...white-golden sand...turquoise blue can basically stop at any coastline and a beautiful beach lies there. The only white sand beach in the Bay Area is Carmel but the temp never gets warm enough for me to enjoy. As a Pisces baby I love the water...when I'm in Hawaii I never leave the beach I can swim all day or watch the waves all day long.

2. Weather...warm all year long, which means that I can wear shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, summer dresses all year long! Occasionally, a light jacket but never a thick puff jacket!

3. North soon as we arrive me and Marlowe would drive straight there even if it took 2 hours, the drive is worth seeing the old Hawaii.

4. Food!! Hamura's Saimin, Puka Dog, Matsumoto's shaved ice, Boots and Kimo's macadamia nut pancakes, Giovanni's shrimp truck... are just a few of my favs that I love and crave for when I'm here.

5. far the best experience I've done. the feeling that I accomplished when I rode my first wave was the greatest. I wish I can surf everyday.

6. Breath-taking views...the scenery there always leaves me at's definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been to and I suggest everyone to visit it at least once in their lifetime.

7. Scuba Diving...Marlowe and I both scuba dived and it was our best experience together. it was exciting, scary, fun, and beautiful. the under water world is so unique and pretty...I wish I was a fish.

8. Laid back atmosphere...I love never having to worry about anything and just relaxing all day worry free and being in Hawaii makes me feel that way.

9. Kailua/Kalama Beach...the most special place for me because this is where Marlowe proposed to the middle of a hibiscus flower was my beautiful ring as the sunrise and waves were surrounding us.

10. I'm a completely different person when I'm there...more spiritual...its just pure HAPPINESS that i feel. Each trip gives me the time to reminisce and thank god to be in such a beautiful place.

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