Sunday, March 15, 2009

finders keepers...

Yesterday...Marlowe and I went to San Jose to pick up my bracelet at Tiffany's because I finally got it cleaned! Yey! it looked brand new just how it looked like 4 years ago. I love that bracelet... very special, because it was given to me by him of course on our first trip to Hawaii.

Since we were in the area we decided to eat at The Counter...Marlowe happens to be a burger fanatic!! When we first went here a month ago, he was amazed at the fact that you have to fill up an order form to make the best burger how you want it to be. He is a bit weird, he chose to have imported swiss, lettuce blend, roasted corn and black bean salsa with sweet bbq sauce on his burger. It didn't sound good but I tried it and it wasn't bad...hehe. I've been trying to eat healthy so I got a salad from Pluto's but I couldn't resist not eating the sweet potatoe fries! sooooo good...

After we decided to go to U.O. since it's right across the street. And I'm glad I went... I found some black boots!! I have been looking for some but I never found the perfect one. And these were a bargain! Originally $178 I got the Dolce Vita Boulevard Boots for $40! It made my day.

Top- Hannah Jo, Shorts- Nordstrom , Jacket & Tights- UO, Shoes- Steve madden, Bag- LV, Necklace - MJ

my new was meant to be

And since we were near Pinkberry we decided to get some too.

Had to have strawberries and pineapples as the topping.

I love taking pictures of the's so beautiful I just had to snap a picture of it on the way home.

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  1. hi babygirl, ive been craving those fries, yum.
    i got the boots for exactly the same price, isnt it hella worth it?!?! thats cool they still had it. thats awesome. anyway, i miss you!