Monday, March 30, 2009

sunday = Family day

I been trying to run as much as I can lately, just trying to be fit and healthy, so I been running at the Marina. This is the perfect place to walk/run/jog because it's pretty and refreshing. The gym usually smells like sweat, at least here it's fresh air...hehe
I brought my cute pooch...Stitch and my sis.
He is very similar to the Disney character because he is a crazy dog! I ran my mile and after headed to Stitch and my sister.
She was relieved that I was back to walk him because she mentioned that he barked at everyone near him and almost tripped someone running.
he is almost 4 years old...almost 30 in dog years but he still gets mistaken for being a puppy.

I love this boy, I don't mind how bad/crazy he is because to me he got character and he's not boring...haha
As soon as I got home, I showered and cooked for the family. They have been requesting for my specialty, which is shrimp/chicken fettuccine Alfredo. I also decided to make steak...Marlowe's fav.

Everyone mentioned that I need to that more often since I should be preparing to be a good wife. I said...only when I'm in the mood to cook...hehe

I want ice cream!

Saturday was so sunny and nice...and I was craving for ice cream. I just recently tried Bi-rite ice cream and I instantly fell in love with their roasted banana ice cream. And I raved and told Marlowe how good it was, and I know he just had to try it. So we headed to the other side of the bridge and started the day with brunch at Beretta, it's a cute restaurant in Valencia.

I ordered the meatballs in spicy sauce...and i enjoyed it.

Lowe decided to be adventurous and had Pizza carbonara with pancetta, eggs & mozzarella.
I had to help him with this one because he happens to not like eggs LoL ( I don't know why he ordered this).

Immediately after brunch we headed to Bi-rite...I was so excited! But since it was the perfect day for ice cream, I think most of San Francisco's population was there! The line was around the building and we searched for parking, never got lucky and got we headed to union square and shopped to make ourselves feel better.

top-Hinge, Shorts-Goldsign, Sandals-Marshalls, sunglasses-Gucci, Purse-LV

We had to have our ice cream we went home and stopped by Loard's.
of course I got my usual ice cream.
That made my wasn't Bi-rite but good enough.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I heart SF...

Last Thursday my 2 BFF's and I decided to head to the city to spend some time together and enjoy the nice weather. The City is beautiful...growing up here, I admit that I've taken it for granted. I love seeing nice places...but I never considered San Francisco as something beautiful until these days when I'm discovering more and more about it. I'm lucky to live here...can't picture myself anywhere else.

top-Matty M, shorts-hollister, tights-UO, boots-DV, purse-LV, sunglasses-LV

Our first stop was Union Square...we did a little shopping and ate Beef Panang Curry from Coriander Gourmet Thai.
Second stop was Japan town... I never get tired of this place.Every time I go here I head to May's Coffee shop and get their Taiyaki I love taiyaki! it's a fish shaped waffle like coating stuffed with either chocolate, choco-banana or red bean (my personal fav).
I also bought a Japanese Mag- ViVi. It featured a few pages of Nicole Richie so I had to buy it.
The last stop was Fillmore to get Bittersweet two friends had to have their chocolate thai iced tea!
It was such a fun filled day...I went home tired and knocked out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

getting my Zen on...

I love sightseeing... anything that has something to do with nature I love. I decided to go to a Japanese garden and it was so peaceful and calm. I can go to this place everyday. It had pretty flowers, koi fishes and turtles....

I was able to meditate and relax...after running/walking 5 miles today wit one of my bff, I definitely needed this.

Dress - Vintage, Sandals - Seychelles, sunglasses - Gucci, bracelet - F21

my comfort zone...

Bay Area weather is bipolar!
But it didn't stop us from having fun. I love the beach... whether it's it doesn't matter to me...when I'm there I feel relaxed. Pacifica is beautiful, Marlowe and I use to come here he decided to take me here on a sunny day but by the time we were by the coast it was!

Dress- Charlotte Russe, Belt-Bebe, Gladiator wedge - Ninewest, Bag- Vintage Gucci

My travel/getaway buddy....

Rockaway beach...there was actually people surfing!

Camelot Fish & I've ever had! the scallops, crab cake, and oyster is very ono!

My comfort food...Mitchell's Tropical Ice cream...Marlowe had his regular - toasted almond ice cream dipped in chocolate

Sunday, March 15, 2009

finders keepers...

Yesterday...Marlowe and I went to San Jose to pick up my bracelet at Tiffany's because I finally got it cleaned! Yey! it looked brand new just how it looked like 4 years ago. I love that bracelet... very special, because it was given to me by him of course on our first trip to Hawaii.

Since we were in the area we decided to eat at The Counter...Marlowe happens to be a burger fanatic!! When we first went here a month ago, he was amazed at the fact that you have to fill up an order form to make the best burger how you want it to be. He is a bit weird, he chose to have imported swiss, lettuce blend, roasted corn and black bean salsa with sweet bbq sauce on his burger. It didn't sound good but I tried it and it wasn't bad...hehe. I've been trying to eat healthy so I got a salad from Pluto's but I couldn't resist not eating the sweet potatoe fries! sooooo good...

After we decided to go to U.O. since it's right across the street. And I'm glad I went... I found some black boots!! I have been looking for some but I never found the perfect one. And these were a bargain! Originally $178 I got the Dolce Vita Boulevard Boots for $40! It made my day.

Top- Hannah Jo, Shorts- Nordstrom , Jacket & Tights- UO, Shoes- Steve madden, Bag- LV, Necklace - MJ

my new was meant to be

And since we were near Pinkberry we decided to get some too.

Had to have strawberries and pineapples as the topping.

I love taking pictures of the's so beautiful I just had to snap a picture of it on the way home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

wish i was here...

The weather outside is beautiful, but i'm sitting at home just relaxin and watching TV. It happens to be a marathon about beaches on the travel channel. If I had to pick my dream vaca it would be Tahiti. Most of the pictures I see about this place amazes me. I wish that I can just snap my finger and magically appear there right now...and I would take with me this summer wardrobe.

courtesy of

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blame it on the goose...

Last night was crazy, my two good friends and I decided to drink and I think we went a little too overboard. I ended up getting home at 4 in the morning knowing that I had work at 9am. To make it worst it was also daylight saving hours, which meant even more less sleep for me. We laughed and laughed all night...reminisced together...and uncovered the truth about a specific topic. It's always fun hanging out with time we're going to know our limits...or maybe not.

I'm feeling sick and tired...but it was all worth it.

where the yellow flowers are...

Saturday is officially my adventure day. The weather was perfect and I regretted not wearing shorts or a dress because the weather was very warm...just how I like it. The whole point of going there was to look for phone cases but Marlowe and I ended up not getting them and instead went a little shopping at Marc Jacobs, drove to Hayes for Huf, one of his fav store...he happens to be a shoe whore. And ate lunch at a great hole in the wall restaurant at Union Square, Katana-Ya.

cardigan-Laundry by Shelli Segal, black Blouse- Marc Jacobs, Jeans- F21, Shoes-L.A.M.B., Bag- Gucci, sunglasses- Gucci, Beanie- F21

I felt a little Nicole Richie with my big sunglasses and beanie. I love her style!

This park was beautiful...the weather really made the green grass stood out and the sky was amazingly blue...I wish everyday was like this.

I saw these little art on the ground that someone was selling around Hayes St.

Katana-Ya's Miso Ramen, Tonkatsu don, Udon, and California Roll.

The last time I had ramen was in Hawaii and I'm glad I found this place so when I crave for some I know exactly where to go.